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The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the Kingdom of Belgium, Grand Duchy of Luxemburg and Mission to the European Union condemns the acts of violence in some cities across the country, that have taken place since February the 12th , by destabilizing groups that operate against the Government of the democratic elected President Nicolás Maduro, following a similar pattern to failed coup d´état of April 2002, at that time against the Constitutional Government  of President Hugo Chávez Frías.

On Wednesday February the 12th, a demonstration was organized by students identified with right-wing and extreme-right political parties.

It is important to recall that the democratic institutions of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, established under the rule of law and justice, guarantee the exercise of political rights and freedom of expression to all its citizens in the framework of broad civic freedoms  enshrined by the Constitution.

After this demonstration, a group of violent demonstrators attacked, with firearms and blunt objects, several headquarters of the National Government in Caracas and other cities of the country, committing acts of vandalism and destruction to the public patrimony, as well as the obstruction of the main road arteries of the city. During these acts, three Venezuelans died and more than sixty were injured.

These violent groups have continued their attacks and aggressions against citizens and workers, houses, vehicles and public buildings, including the public TV station, banks and other private buildings, on the streets and highways of the Municipality of Chacao. These acts have also been condemned by… the Mayor of Chacao, a member of the so-called opposition group “Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MOUD)”.

The Venezuelan government has sufficient evidence to demonstrate that these acts of violence are encouraged, organized and financed from abroad.

These violent group have called for civil disobedience, looking to destroy the national dialogue conducted by the government with all political sectors, and promote chaos and confrontation. They are the same groups that in the past brought our country to an extreme situation, which resulted in violence by not recognizing the State´s institutions, as well as the oil sabotage of 2002 and 2003 that seriously affected the country, with the unfortunate balance of human loss.

A strategy to overthrown the government is being developed through an economic warfare and street violence. This strategy came into play after the democratic election of President Nicolás Maduro in april 2013, when these groups did not recognize the election results and generate violence, causing the loss of 11 lives, among them 2 children.

It is not coincidence that these terrible events take place precisely when the Bolivarian Government is carrying out concrete measures for a national dialogue on citizen security and pacification, within the framework of the Movement for Peace and Life, and the launch, on February the 14th, of the National Pacification Plan.

The Venezuelan Government is obliged to ensure peace and stability in the country. In this regard, several people have been arrested, and not for demonstrating against the government, but for being involved in violence typified by the Venezuelan legal system. These cases will be handled by national courts, with full guarantees of due process and the right to defense, as has been shown with the recent releases on bail.

However, officials of the US State Department has sought to impose certain conditions on our sovereign country, warning Venezuela with many problems and international consequences if the authorities fail to release all detainess and Mr. Leopoldo López, alleged mastermind of the perpetrated violence, is eventually arrested.

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela condemns these threats and alerts the international community in this regard.

Fuente: Embajada de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela


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